Task element attribute sets

The attribute sets you use to format the appearance of task elements are found in task-elements-attr.xsl. Here is a list of those attributes along with their purpose and what XSLT stylesheets they are called from.

Note: This attribute set file consists of task-related attribute sets that were previously found in lists-attr.xsl, tables-attr.xsl, and commons-attr.xsl.
Attribute set Purpose Called from
chhead Formats the <chhead> element of <choicetable>. Also in tables-attr_axf.xsl. task-elements.xsl
chhead.chdeschd Formats content in the <chdeschd> element within the <chhead> element of <choicetable> task-elements.xsl
chhead.chdeschd__content Formats content in the <chdeschd> cells of a ...