Add the current date to headers and footers

Automatically add the current date (the system date on the computer used for generating PDF output) to headers or footers.

Many popular publishing applications let you add the current date to headers or footers using a pre-defined variable. You can do the same thing with the PDF plugin.

  1. Open your copy of root-processing.xsl.
  2. Add a variable definition like the following:
    <xsl:variable name="bc.currentDate"
            select="format-date(current-date(), '[M01]/[D01]/[Y0001]')"/>

    Edit this definition to get the date format you want. Here are some sample format strings:

    [M01]/[D01]/[Y0001] = 01/01/2011

    [M01]-[D01]-[Y0001] = 01-01-2011

    [Y0001]/[M01]/[D01] = 2011/01/01

    [M01]/[D01]/[Y01] = 01/01/11 ...