Set up odd footers

Set up footers that include generated text and map metadata.

So far, you’ve set up headers with external files, boilerplate text, generated text, and map metadata. Now let’s look at some footer definitions. The footers in your specification are a bit more complex than the headers. All of the footers in your PDF template include both map metadata and generated text.

  1. Find the following template in your copy of static-content.xsl:
    <xsl:template name="insertBodyOddFooter"> <fo:static-content flow-name="odd-body-footer"> <fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets="__body__odd__footer"> <xsl:call-template name="getVariable"> <xsl:with-param name="id" select="'Body odd footer'"/> <xsl:with-param name="params"> <heading> <fo:inline ...