Remove the mini-TOC from a table

Output the mini-TOC as an unordered list within the main flow of text rather than as a table to the side of the main flow of text.

By default, the mini-TOC is placed in a table at the beginning of each chapter. It looks like Mini-TOC. You can remove it from the table so that it appears inline with the rest of your text.

  1. Copy the template that begins with the following from commons.xsl to your copy of commons.xsl:
    <xsl:template match="*" mode="createMiniToc">
    Note: It’s a little odd that the template that processes the mini-TOC isn’t in toc.xsl, especially because the attributes that format the mini-TOC are in toc-attr.xsl, but this is just another one of those things that make the DITA Open Toolkit ...