Delete the label for a note type

Specify that certain note types should not include a text label.

Your specification calls for no label on notes of type "note", because you’re going to use an icon instead.

  1. Open DITA-OT/xsl/common/strings-en-us.xml and find the strings similar to the following:
    <str name="Note">Note</str>

    There are strings for note, tip, caution, warning, danger, restriction, attention, remember, important, fastpath, and trouble. The string, or variable for notice is found in the localization variables file en.xml. You might think you could just delete the value from the string, but that wouldn’t work completely.

  2. Copy the template that begins with the following from DITA-OT/plugins/org.dita.pdf2/xsl/fo/ commons.xsl ...