Eliminate the chapter, appendix, or part label and number

Specify that your plugin should not automatically generate a label or number for chapter, appendix, or part titles.

If you don’t want labels and autonumbering on chapter titles, it’s easy to remove them.

  1. To eliminate the label, copy the following variables from DITA-OT/plugins/org.dita.pdf2/cfg/common/vars/en.xml to your copy of en.xml:
    • Chapter with number
    • Appendix with number
    • Part with number
  2. Delete the text (Chapter, Appendix, Part) from the variables, leaving just the number parameter:
    <variable id="Chapter with number"><param ref-name="number"/></variable>

    If you haven’t made any changes to the number parameters in the insertChapterFirstpageStaticContent template, ...