General text formatting specifications

Let’s review the specifications for general text formatting. This includes headings, body text, and notes.

General text

Chapter, appendix titles 28pt Trebuchet normal black, no borders. Autonumber is 16pt Trebuchet regular black.
Level 1 heading font 20pt Trebuchet normal black, no borders
Level 2 heading font 18pt Trebuchet normal dark red
Level 3 heading font 16pt Trebuchet normal dark red, .5in indent
Level 4+ heading font 14pt Trebuchet italic dark red, .5in indent
Section headings 12pt Trebuchet bold dark red
Regular body font 11pt Book Antiqua normal dark gray. Used for all body elements except where noted below.
Small body font 10pt Book Antiqua normal dark gray. Used for ...