Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries

Book description

This book outlines issues surrounding diversity among students, faculty, and staff and how one urban university library is working to embrace and celebrate the diversity found in its building, on campus, and in the local community. This book illustrates how universities are uniquely situated to engage students in discussions about diversity and how academic libraries in particular can facilitate and ease these discussions. A Diversity Council and the projects and programs it has developed have been instrumental in this work and may serve as an inspiration and launch pad for other libraries. Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries details anecdotal experiences, and provides practical suggestions for developing diversity programs and forming collaborations with other campus units, regardless of size, staff, or focus of the academic library.

  • Written by three academic librarians currently active in university level diversity initiatives
  • Provides real-world examples of diversity programming and events for academic libraries
  • Indicates how to find commonalities in the range of diversity issues at universities internationally

Table of contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. List of figures and tables
  6. List of abbreviations
  7. About the authors
  8. Chapter 1: Introduction to diversity in academic libraries
    1. Abstract:
    2. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
    3. IUPUI University Library
    4. Diversity in the academy
    5. Diversity in libraries
    6. Diversity outreach and programming in international academic libraries
  9. Chapter 2: Creating a Diversity Council
    1. Abstract:
    2. Call for diversity as a priority at IUPUI
    3. Development of the IUPUI University Library Diversity Council
  10. Chapter 3: Institutionalizing student involvement in library initiatives
    1. Abstract:
    2. Student advisory groups
    3. Challenges to forming a student advisory group
    4. Rationale behind the University Library Undergraduate Diversity Scholar Program
    5. Developing the Diversity Scholar Program
    6. Advertising the Program
    7. Evaluating the applications
    8. Hiring and training the Scholars
    9. Feedback from the Scholars
    10. Postponed Scholar outreach project to high school students
    11. Unexpected Scholar issues
    12. An embarrassment of riches
  11. Chapter 4: Examples of diversity programming and outreach
    1. Abstract:
    2. Diversity Scholar campus and community outreach
    3. Diversity Scholars’ library displays and exhibits
    4. Diversity Scholars’ online outreach
    5. Special programs developed by the Diversity Scholars
    6. Diversity Scholars and national outreach
    7. International outreach and the Diversity Scholars
    8. Additional project ideas
    9. Additional suggestions for outreach and programming
    10. Outreach
    11. Exhibits and digital collections
    12. Events
    13. Special collaborations
  12. Chapter 5: Building bridges: developing the International Newsroom
    1. Abstract:
    2. Indiana University’s call for diversity initiatives
    3. University Library’s proposal
    4. A second chance at the project
    5. Construction and furnishing of the International Newsroom
    6. Changes to the International Newsroom
    7. Future of the International Newsroom
  13. Chapter 6: Sharing the wealth: other library departments diversity initiatives
    1. Abstract:
    2. Increasing involvement throughout the library
    3. Using diverse digital collections to create community partnerships
    4. Special Collections and Archives: oral histories
    5. Tips and suggestions
  14. Chapter 7: Assessing programming and outreach
    1. Abstract:
    2. Importance of assessment
    3. Assessing the diversity of the library collection
    4. Evaluating use of the International Newsroom by observation and student surveys
    5. Results of the International Newsroom survey
    6. Obtaining faculty feedback about the International Newsroom
    7. Qualitative assessment
  15. Chapter 8: Challenges and opportunities to continued diversity initiatives
    1. Abstract:
    2. Current campus climate: opportunities to make a difference
    3. Diversity initiatives require administrative support
    4. Issues of bureaucratic red tape
    5. Ability to move quickly
    6. Lack of campus coordination
    7. Spreading our message
    8. Engaging students and staff
    9. Developing attractive activities and events
  16. Appendix A: IUPUI University Library Strategic Plan for Diversity 2007–2009
  17. Appendix B: IUPUI University Library Diversity Council Charter
  18. Appendix C: University Library Undergraduate Diversity Scholar Supervisor Position Description
  19. Appendix D: IUPUI University Library Diversity Scholars Orientation Schedule
  20. Appendix E: IUPUI University Library Diversity Scholar Info Sheet
  21. Appendix F: University Library Undergraduate Diversity Scholar Program September 15, 2009
  22. Appendix G: Sample from the online exhibit, IUPUI Neighborhood Project
  23. Appendix H: Pre-proposal for the IUPUI University Library International Newsroom
  24. Appendix I: International Reading Room and International News Sources
  25. Appendix J: International Reading Room and International News Sources September 3, 2009
  26. Selected Bibliography
  27. Index

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  • Title: Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2011
  • Publisher(s): Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781780632735