Catholicism, Religious Pluralism, and the EthnicDivide

“Every priest, every bishop has his own mindset.” Padre Cirilo Santamaría105

“The Catholic Church is like a garden. You have the Cursillistas, Charismatics, those from the Opus Dei, from the Catholic Action, Catecúmenos, from the Youth Pastoral, the Pastoral for Social Work, lots of options, aren’t there? You can choose what you like.”

Luis Kelex (CCR)

Introduction to Catholicism and Ethnicity

Like other countries in Latin America, Guatemala is a country of not one but many Catholicisms. There is a Maya and Ladino Catholicism, a Catholicism of the rich and the poor, an official and an unofficial one, offering something for every religious taste, class, gender, age, and ethnic group. Despite ...

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