We have had enormous support from many colleagues, friends, and family in making this book a reality. We thank our wives, Katie Gray, Meg Vogel, and Eliza Foulke for their continual support and for managing our chaotic kids so we could write our manuscript. We'd also like to thank the entire team at Alpha Architect, for dealing with the three of us while we drafted the initial manuscript. Tian Yao, Yang Xu, Tao Wang, Pat Cleary, Carl Kanner, and Xin Song—we are forever indebted! We'd also like to thank outside readers for their early comments: Sam Lee at Morningstar, Ben Carlson at, and Sam Taylor at Fidelity Investments. Finally, Edward Stern and his team at Hartz Capital, and Bob Kanner and his team at PUBCO, have been invaluable mentors in our endeavor to understand how one should operate a family office.

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