Chapter 1

Catching DJ Fever

In This Chapter

arrow Having what it takes to be a DJ

arrow Mixing mechanics and creativity

arrow Reaching the journey’s end – the dance floor

The journey you take as a DJ – from the very first tune you play when you enter the DJ world to the last tune of your first set in front of a club filled with people – is an exciting, creative and fulfilling one, but you need a lot of patience and practice to get there.

The affordability of DJ software and smartphone apps means new waves of people are introduced to DJing daily – inspiring them to become DJs. Hundreds of DJs the world over are on a quest to entertain people by playing great music. Everyone needs an advantage when they compete with hundreds of like-minded people. Your advantage is knowledge. I can help you with that.

Discovering DJing Foundations

DJing is first and foremost about music. The clothes, the cars, the money and the fame are all very nice, and nothing to complain about, but playing the right music and how a crowd reacts is what makes and moulds a DJ. As the DJ, you’re in control of everybody’s night. As such, you need to be professional, skilful and knowledgeable about what the crowd wants to hear, and ...

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