Chapter 5

The Tech Revolution: Format Choices

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at the blurry line between CD and vinyl

arrow Deciding between analogue and digital

arrow Defusing the argument with hybrids and computers

Cain and Abel, the Montagues and Capulets, Apple and Microsoft; throughout time, history and literature have told of the wars between two similar sides – wars that exist because of what the two sides have in common, not because of how different they are. When CD decks first came onto the scene, vinyl purists all over the world cried foul. CDs were seen as a great threat to the vinyl DJ, and DJs started to take sides between the standard vinyl method of DJing and the CD upstart.

However, since the early 2000s, this is no longer a two-way fight. Although digital DJing has been around since before the beginning of this century, over recent years it has exploded to become the most common way to get into DJing.

If you’re unsure which format to use as a DJ, this chapter covers the major differences between DJing with CDs or vinyl, and suggests how utilising your computer destroys those differences.

The Contestants

You have three main DJing formats vying for your attention (and money):

  • Vinyl ...

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