Chapter 6

Getting Decked Out with Turntables

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out about the basic parts of a turntable

arrow Keeping up to date with new innovations

arrow Caring for your turntables

All turntables are equal in that they play records, but, like most things in life, some are better than others. Whether you’re using turntables to play loads of different records or want to use them in a digital vinyl system to control music playback in software (see Chapter 9), you need a turntable that can cope with the physical demands of DJing. In this chapter, I go through the functions you need to look for when purchasing and setting up turntables.

Avoiding Cheap Turntables

Your decision of what turntable to buy and use is largely based on your budget. When you go shopping, don’t go for the cheapest option so that you can save a little money. Investing in a better quality turntable puts you straight on the road to becoming a quality DJ. Actually, maybe reversing the point makes this clearer: the worse your turntable, the harder it is to become a good DJ. And this advice isn’t aimed at just the beatmatching DJ. If you’re a rock, indie or party DJ and you’re planning to use turntables, it’s just as important ...

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