Chapter 9

Bits and PCs: Digital DJing

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering various digital DJ setups

arrow Choosing and controlling the right software for you

arrow DJing on the move

I think that digital DJing – using computer software to play music stored on a hard drive – has been the biggest revolution to DJing since when someone realised that using two turntables and a mixer could keep the music playing all night with no gaps.

With digital DJing, the equipment the DJ uses no longer restricts the music available to play. Vinyl DJs who previously needed to tirelessly hunt out music available on vinyl can now download tracks to their hard drives and use their turntables to control the DJ software. CD DJs can take charge of their libraries, binning the countless rewritable CDs they’ve strewn across the DJ booth,keeping all their music on one hard drive instead. And DJs who use controllers to play back, mix and manipulate the music have a vast array of creative possibilities in front of them, all with one piece of hardware.

Alongside greater access to and control of music, the creativity that digital DJing opens up is outstanding. Whether through a host of built-in effects, multiple playback decks or ...

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