Chapter 10

Stirring It Up with Mixers

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out about the mixer’s most common features

arrow Looking at the advanced options available

arrow Choosing the right mixer for your DJ style

arrow Keeping your mixer in tip-top condition

Mixers are a very demanding breed of animal. They come with many functions and features, and can manipulate the music in many ways. But in the end, mixers only do what you tell them to do.

This chapter explains how the vital controls on a mixer function and how they relate to your DJ mixing style. Understanding that much sets you on your way to buying the right mixer.

Getting Familiar with Mixer Controls

On your journey as a DJ, you’ll come across a vast range of mixers. Some you may already know about, and some you won’t ever have seen before. If you understand the features on a mixer and how to use them, you should never accidentally press the wrong button and cut out the sound.

Well, never may be too strong a word …


djspeak.eps The common DJ mixer accepts ...

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