Chapter 12

Letting Your Neighbours Know That You’re a DJ: Amplifiers

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing the right amplification for your wallet and environment

arrow Getting to grips with connecting it all up

arrow Keeping the sound down to save your hearing and your neighbours’ sanity

Each stage of the DJ equipment chain is vital. Without the amplifier and speakers, you’ll be the only person to hear how good a DJ you are. In this chapter, I cover the various methods of amplification, the best way to connect and place your speakers, and how to play at a volume that won’t get you ejected from the neighbourhood.

Choosing Suitable Amplification

You need to choose a method of amplification that’s suitable for the size of room you’re playing in, and also for the size of your wallet – which are both important factors. The key word here is suitable. If you’re just in your bedroom practising at a moderate volume, you don’t have much need for a £3,000 1,000-watt amplifier and set of speakers, so save your money!

The different ways you can amplify the signal from the mixer so you can hear it through speakers are via:

  • Your home stereo: For the bedroom DJ who has a good-sounding stereo with a spare input in which ...

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