Chapter 19

Creating a Great Demo

In This Chapter

arrow Putting together a list of tunes to be proud of

arrow Making sure that the mix has a point

arrow Setting the levels and EQs for perfect sound

arrow Staying focused and being a perfectionist

arrow Recording to computer and burning CDs

arrow Getting noticed

You’ve spent a long time developing your skills as a DJ. Now you have to let people out there know how good you are by making a demo of your best mix.

Your demo reflects you in every way. You won’t have the benefit of standing next to the club owner to explain that at 15 minutes and 20 seconds into your mix the cat jumped onto the decks, which caused the needle to jump and threw your concentration, and that’s why the mix sounds awful.

Presentation is important too. You can’t send in a sloppy looking (and sounding) CD and expect a club owner to think that you’re professional. You must let this taster be your best ...

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