Chapter 22

Ten Resources for Expanding Your Skills and Fan Base

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing where to go for more information

arrow Discovering tuition that may be available to you

arrow Exposing yourself (musically)

The skills you’re developing are the strong foundations that lead you to become a good DJ. Crucially, you can’t rest on your laurels. Your skills and reputation need constant bolstering, and the following ten resources will keep you ahead of the scene and boost your reputation so that people know who you are when you’re playing, and will seek you out.

remember.eps Your thirst for knowledge should never end. The moment you think that you know it all, you start going backwards. Keep up with new equipment and technology, keep an eye on the scene so you can start to read drifting music tastes, and share as much information as you can with other DJs.

Staying Current with Media

TV, radio, DVD, magazines and the Internet are all incredible resources for your development as a DJ. Your focus can be split into three camps: the scene, the music and your skills.


The music should take care of itself. Listen ...

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