Chapter 24

Ten Great Influences on Me

In This Chapter

arrow Recognising what’s influenced me over the years

arrow Accepting what’s made me stronger as a DJ

arrow Losing faith, and gaining it back again

Your influences are very personal: look at the music you listen to, the people you meet and the places you go as key points in your career. With these influences, you should be able to make a map of how you developed as a DJ. This chapter describes my journey.

Renaissance: Disc 1

Renaissance –– Disc 1 was my introduction to real dance music. Until I heard this mix by Sasha and Digweed, I thought that dance music was the acid scene and pop acts such as Snap releasing repetitive, obvious music. Up until I heard this disc, all I listened to were rock bands like Van Halen and Aerosmith.

Individually, the tunes on the mix are powerful, well-made pieces of work, but the way Sasha and Digweed mixed them to create a 74-minute journey has always affected me. I think that the skill it involves is the reason I’ve always strived to create a seamless mix that has a start, a middle and an end – rather than just 20 tunes thrown together because they sound nice.

I’ve had a copy of this mix to hand ever since the ...

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