Chapter 25

Ten DJing Mistakes to Avoid

In This Chapter

arrow Avoiding mistakes that make you look and sound unprofessional

arrow Leaving for the night with all your equipment and tunes, after being paid in full

The ten common mistakes I describe in this chapter are exactly that: common. A couple of them may never happen to you, but, unfortunately, some may happen all too often. I haven’t made all the mistakes in this chapter. Most of them, yes. But not all … yet.

What’s important about the mistakes you make (in DJing or just life in general) is that you learn from them. Make sure that you don’t repeat them, or at the very least, make sure that you know how to cope with the consequences … such as the sound of silence in a club.

Forgetting Slipmats/Headphones/Laptop

Forgetting your slipmats (which is an easy thing to do) isn’t too much of a big deal, because most clubs have their own set, but if you fail to bring your headphones, the club is unlikely to have a spare pair of quality headphones lying around for forgetful DJs to use.

Forgetting any part of your digital DJ setup (laptop, cables, controller/control vinyl, audio interface or hard drive) is a lot worse, as it’s unlikely the club will just happen to have a computer with your software and your music library on it! Making a list and ...

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