Chapter 26

Ten Items to Take with You When DJing

In This Chapter

arrow Tooling up for a night of DJing

arrow Remembering things that will help to keep you going through the night

arrow Getting home with your head out of the clouds

From the obvious items like your CDs, records and headphones, to the less obvious matter of taking some refreshments and something you can use to record your mix, the ten items I describe in this chapter are everything you need for a successful night on the decks.

You may want to stick a note of the following items to the back of your door or next to your car keys, so that you can check it before you leave the house. (And take the list with you, so you know to bring everything back!)

All the Right Records or Bits

You may have thousands of records or CDs in your collection. Make sure that you take the right ones with you. Checking for one last time that you’ve picked up the right box or CD wallet won’t hurt! Also take a carbon brush to clean your records, and a soft cloth for CDs.

If you’re a digital DJ, you’re likely to take your entire setup, not just a drive with music on it. Don’t assume that a club will have a digital setup for you to use – most don’t (this is why ...

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