In an Emergency

Help! Aiuto! eye-yoo-toh
Stop! Ferma! fair-mah
Call a doctor Chiama un medico kee-ah-mah oon meh-dee-koh
Call an ambulance Chiama un’ ambulanza kee-ah-mah oon am-boo-lan-tsa
Call the police Chiama la polizia kee-ah-mah lah pol-ee-tsee-ah
Call the fire brigade Chiama i pompieri kee-ah-mah ee pom-pee-air-ee
Where is the telephone? Dov’è il telefono? dov-eheel teh-leh- foh-noh?
The nearest hospital? L’ospedale più vicino? loss-peh-dah-leh pee- oovee-chee-noh?

Need to know Phrasebook

Communication Essentials

Yes/No Si/No see/noh
Please Per favore pair fah-vor-eh
Thank you Grazie grah-tsee-eh
Excuse me Mi scusi mee skoo-zee
Hello Buon giorno bwon jor-noh
Goodbye Arrivederci ah-ree-veh- ...

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