The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs:

Key: a-above; b-below/bottom; c-centre; f-far; l-left; r-right; t-top 501room 53tr, 114-5b; Nattee Chalermtiragool 158t; coward_lion 115tl; Nattachart Jerdnapapunt 52cl; kawamuralucy 100tl; liligraphie 36-7b; oleandra 16, 60; orthone 115br; tomas1111 122cr.

4Corners: AFLO / Mitsuharu Narahara 117crb; Massimo Borchi 18, 134.

9hr nine hours: Nacasa & Partners Inc 39ca.

Alamy Stock Photo: Aflo Co. Ltd. / Nippon News 35br, 37br, / Aflo Editorial 50-1t, / Yosuke Tanaka 13t; age fotostock / Pietro Scozzari 25tl; Andia / Benard 27ca, 147t; Leonid Andronov 32tc; Arif Iqball Photography - Japan 52clb; The ...

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