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DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Toronto

Book Description

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Toronto provides insider information for the very best Toronto has to offer. Whether you are looking to explore Toronto’s liveliest nightlife, must-see sporting attractions, Toronto’s leafy parks and superb beaches or plan to take an excursion to Niagara Falls; this pocket-size travel guide is packed with essential information to make the most of Toronto, whatever your budget. There are dozens of Top 10 lists; including the Top 10 views from the CN Tower, Toronto’s Top 10 hotels and restaurants as well as the Top 10 best brunch spots! This fully revised and updated edition includes eye-catching illustrations and detailed cutaways of Toronto’s greatest attractions, with reviews and recommendations of Toronto’s best hotels, festivals, shopping malls and markets. And to save money, Top 10 Toronto includes a list of budget tips to help you get the most from your stay, plus a FREE pull-out map to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Your guide to the 10 best of everything in Toronto.