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Costa Rican Spanish is essentially the same as the Castilian spoken in Spain, with some differences in vocabulary and pronunciation. The most noticeable difference is the pronunciation of the soft “c” and the letter “z” as “s” rather than “th”.

In an Emergency

Help! ¡Socorro! soh-koh-roh
Stop! ¡Pare! pah-reh
Call a doctor! ¡Llame a un médico! yah-meh ah oon meh-dee-koh
Fire! ¡Fuego! foo-eh-goh
Could you help me? ¿Me podría ayudar? meh poh-dree-yah ah-yoo-dahr
policeman policía poh-lee-see-ah

Need to know Phrasebook

Communication Essentials

Yes see
No No noh
Please Por favor pohr fah-vohr
Thank you Gracias grah-see-ahs
Excuse me Perdone pehr-doh-neh
Hello Hola oh-lah

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