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Docker for Developers, 2nd Edition

Book Description

"Docker For Developers is designed for developers who are looking at Docker as a replacement for development environments like virtualization, or devops people who want to see how to take an existing application and integrate Docker into that workflow. This book covers not only how to work with Docker, but how to make Docker work with your application.

This revised edition significantly expands on the first with nearly twice as much content. Additional topics include creating custom images, working with Docker Compose and Docker Machine, managing Logs, and supporting 12-factor applications. Inside you will learn:

- how to work with containers, what they are, and how they can help you as a developer.- how Docker can make it easier to build, test, and deploy distributed applications.- how to separate the different concerns of your application to have a more robust, scalable application.

Finally, you will see how to leverage Docker to deploy your application and make it a part of your deployment strategy, helping not only ensure your environments are the same but also making your application easier to package and deliver."