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Docker Networking and Service Discovery

Book Description

When you start building applications with Docker, you’ll come up against two significant challenges: networking and service discovery. You can find many recipes for dealing with these tasks if you’re prepared to scrounge through a pile of blog posts.

In this short guide, author Michael Hausenblas, Developer and Cloud Advocate at Mesosphere, explains how networking and service discovery work in the Docker world, and provides a series of practical solutions for dealing with these challenges.

  • Get an overview of Docker single- and multi-host networking
  • Understand why service discovery and container orchestration (scheduling) are two sides of the same coin
  • Explore technologies for service discovery, including ZooKeeper, Consul, Airbnb’s SmartStack, and Netflix’s Eureka
  • Learn which orchestration solutions—such as Kubernetes and Apache Mesos—work best for your deployment
  • Be prepared to experiment with different technologies until decent standards emerge