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Docker Swarm Advanced: Centralized Logging and Monitoring

Video Description

A hands-on course that will help you use the Docker Swarm Remote API, parse and send logs to a centralized logging, and collect metrics and monitor containers.

About This Video

  • Create, update, or remove services from the Docker Swarm cluster
  • Learn about Prometheus and Alert manager
  • Search PromQL on Prometheus

In Detail

In this module, we explore Docker Swarm in depth. Now that we have a cluster up–and-running with many containers, it is quite hard to know what is going on.

To start, we are going to learn about the Docker Swarm Remote API. We will find out how to retrieve information from the cluster, and deploy and scale services using the API. Then we will look how to build our centralized logging and how to send data. To close we will learn how to search for logs using Kibana, and collect metrics to monitor containers running in the cluster. We will display this information in a Dashboard using Grafana, to clarify what is going on.

By the end, you will be able to use Docker Swarm Remove API, parse and send logs to a centralized place, and collect metrics and monitor your Docker Swarm cluster. We also d LinuxKit and how to build your custom image.