Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers

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Learn how to develop and deploy web applications with Docker technologies. Take your DevOps skills to the next level.

About This Video

  • Nowadays DevOps engineers are in great demand in the IT industry.
  • Companies are looking for developers who can both develop and deploy the applications.
  • The average salary of a DevOps engineer is about $140,000 per year in Silicon Valley area which is 20% higher than the salary of a software engineer.
  • Master DevOps Skills means you will be staying ahead in the competitive job market!

In Detail

This course covers all the fundamentals about Docker software and teach you everything you need to know about developing and deploying modern applications with Docker software.In the end of this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about Docker software and general DevOps skills to help your company or your own project to apply the right docker workflow and continuously deliver better software. Docker software is on the bleeding edge of technology today. It is also one of the most compelling technologies of the last decade in terms of its disruption to software development, operations, systems architecture, testing and compliance practices.

Docker is becoming a must tool for developers. containers and the Docker’s approach gives you the opportunity to work without any need of dependencies. Docker allows developers to focus on the things which actually matters without worrying about the environment where the application runs. Tons of companies are using docker in production, today you have the access to that same virtualization technology right on your desktop.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Get Started with Docker Technologies
    1. Course Overview: Welcome to the Docker Technology World 00:04:13
    2. Introduction to Virtualization Technologies 00:08:35
    3. Docker Software's Client-Server Architecture 00:01:36
    4. Install Docker for Mac/Windows 00:04:40
    5. Install Docker Toolbox 00:04:35
    6. Important Concepts of Docker Technology 00:04:51
    7. Run Our First Hello World Docker Container 00:05:54
    8. Deep Dive into Docker Containers 00:05:02
    9. Docker Port Mapping and Docker Logs Command 00:03:42
  2. Chapter 2 : Working with Docker Images
    1. Docker Image Layers 00:02:17
    2. Build Docker Images by using Docker Commit Command 00:05:09
    3. Build Docker Images by Writing Dockerfile 00:07:22
    4. Dockerfile In-depth 00:08:03
    5. Push Docker Images to Docker Hub 00:04:44
  3. Chapter 3 : Create Containerized Web Applications
    1. Containerize a Simple Hello World Web Application 00:09:48
    2. Implement a Simple Key-value Lookup Service 00:08:26
    3. Create Docker Container Links 00:05:32
    4. Automate Current Workflow with Docker Compose 00:07:25
    5. Deep Dive into Docker Compose Workflow 00:05:12
  4. Chapter 4 : Docker Networking
    1. Introduction to Docker Networking 00:02:02
    2. None Network 00:02:59
    3. Bridge Network 00:08:30
    4. Host Network and Overlay Network 00:03:07
    5. Define Container Networks with Docker Compose 00:03:31
  5. Chapter 5 : Create a Continuous Integration Pipeline
    1. Write and Run Unit Tests inside Containers 00:03:56
    2. Introduction to Continuous Integration 00:06:55
    3. Link CircleCI with Github Account for Setting up a CI Workflow 00:09:36
    4. Push Docker Images To DockerHub from CircleCI 00:07:26
  6. Chapter 6 : Deploy Docker Containers in Production
    1. Introduction to Running Docker Containers in Production 00:04:33
    2. Register Digital Ocean Account for Deploying Containerized Applications 00:03:15
    3. Deploy Docker Application to the Cloud with Docker Machine 00:05:44
    4. Refactor Docker Compose File 00:08:02
    5. Introduction to Docker Swarm and Service Discovery 00:11:07

Product information

  • Title: Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers
  • Author(s): James Lee
  • Release date: August 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788621069