Dog Lover's Daily Companion

Book description

Here is a unique and inspiring handbook filled with 365 helpful tips, easy-to-build projects, practical advice, and insight into the canine-human relationship for all dog owners to use every day of the year.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction
  6. How to Use This Book
  7. The Dog Owner’s Year
    1. A Dog’s First Year
    2. Basic Training Starts Early
    3. Stocking the Toy Box
    4. Manuka Honey for Health
    5. Hazardous Household Substances
    6. What’s Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign?
    7. Are You Getting a Dog for the Right Reasons?
    8. Create Personalized Paw-Print Place Mats
    9. Let’s Play “Which Hand?”
    10. Administering Liquid Medicine
    11. Munching on Grass
    12. The Budget-Savvy Dog Owner
    13. Containing Your Puppy Indoors: Crates, Gates, and Playpens
    14. The Language of Barking
    15. Are they Playing or Fighting?
    16. How to Give Pills to Your Dog
    17. Calming Your Anxious Dog
    18. Giving Back: Your Dog Can Be a Blood Donor
    19. What’s in a Name?
    20. Contending with Chewing
    21. Yes, Puppies Do Flirt!
    22. Maintain Medical Records for Your Pet
    23. Bells: Old-Fashioned GPS for Dogs
    24. Memories . . . Keeping a Dog Journal
    25. How Dogs Respond to Babies and Children
    26. The Crate: Your Dog’s Safe Haven
    27. How to Make a Dog Photo Album
    28. The Fifteen-Minute Makeover
    29. Make Your Own Dog Bar Soap
    30. Reading Doggy Body Language
    31. Your Children and Your New Pet: Tips to Help along the Way
    32. Training Special Service Dogs
    33. Making Your Own Dog Blanket
    34. Maintain a Dog Health Journal
    35. A Pet-Safe Lawn Care Program
    36. Journal Prompts, Part 1
    37. Choosing a Low-Shed Dog Breed
    38. Leashes Are Not One-Size-Fits-All
    39. Search and Rescue Dogs
    40. How to Choose a Vet (or Find a New One)
    41. How to Clean Your Collars and Leashes
    42. Camping with Your Dog
    43. Puppy Personalities and What They Mean to You
    44. Setting the Table for Your Dog
    45. Your Four-Footed Running Buddy
    46. Spaying Your Female Dog
    47. Help! My Dog Swallowed a...
    48. Craft a Perfect Pooch Bed/Storage Basket
    49. Choosing a Purebred
    50. All-Natural vs. Organic Pet Foods
    51. Obesity in Dogs
    52. Neutering Your Male Dog
    53. Spa Day for Dogs
    54. Making Your Own Dog Greeting Cards
    55. Why You Should Avoid Puppy Mills
    56. Basic Training: Getting Used to a Collar and Walking on a Leash
    57. Helping Your Dog Lose Weight
    58. Rabies Facts
    59. How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth
    60. Treating a Dog Bite
    61. Doggy Manicure 101
    62. Oops: Submissive Urination
    63. Exercise with Your Dog
    64. Fleas
    65. Safe Flea and Tick Products
    66. Having Fun Even When Frustrated
    67. How to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter
    68. Feeding Tips for Overweight Dogs
    69. Basic Dog Commands
    70. Removing Ticks
    71. Planning for Emergency Transportation
    72. The Original Lip Smackers Cookie
    73. Dogs Don’t Wear Watches
    74. Make a Penny Can for Training
    75. Why Dogs Fetch
    76. Diagnosing and Treating Worms
    77. Curb Carpet Licking
    78. Journal Prompts, Part 2
    79. What to Expect on Puppy’s First Day Home
    80. Training Tips: Practice, Praise, and Positive Rewards
    81. Is Rawhide Safe?
    82. Assemble a Dog First-Aid Kit
    83. How to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture
    84. Dog-Friendly Hotels
    85. How to Rescue/Adopt a Purebred Dog
    86. Why Do Dogs Guard the Food Bowl?
    87. Activity Compatibility
    88. Why All the Itching and Scratching?
    89. Handle with Care: Toy Breeds
    90. Dog Tails: Driving Cross-Country with the Dog
    91. Dog-Proofing Basics
    92. Training Tips: Building a Good Relationship
    93. Recipe: Pupsicles
    94. Basic Grooming: Bathing
    95. Curbing a Garden Digger
    96. Your Role after a Pet Loses His Owner
    97. Recipe: Low-Fat Veggie Biscuits
    98. Let’s Trade
    99. The Best Activities for Your Breed
    100. Soothing Teething Woes
    101. Clean Drinking Water Is Important for Dogs, Too
    102. How to Build a Doghouse
    103. Health Concerns: Purebred vs. Mixed-Breed Dogs
    104. A Doghouse Welcome
    105. Entertaining a Lonely Dog
    106. Dispensing Ear and Eye Medication
    107. Moving to a New House
    108. Travel Bags: An Alternative to Carriers
    109. Establishing a Mealtime Routine
    110. Obedience Training
    111. Reviving Mr. Squeaky
    112. Skunked!
    113. Fixing Yellow Spots on the Lawn
    114. Dog Tails: Beagle Bagel Run
    115. Essential Supplies for Your Dog
    116. How to Stop Door Scratching
    117. Playing Hide-and-Seek
    118. Caring for the Canine Surgical Patient
    119. A Remedy for “Wet Dog” Smell in Your Car
    120. Involving Your Dog in Your Wedding
    121. Creating a Cool Sleep Spot in the Yard
    122. Stop Problem Barking
    123. Make Your Own Minted Tennis Balls
    124. When You Need to Get to the Vet
    125. Dog Hair . . . Everywhere!
    126. Journal Prompts, Part 3
    127. Creating Proper Pet Tags
    128. Tucking into Bed Together
    129. Activity Compatibility
    130. Foods for Sour Stomachs
    131. Paw-Print or Photo Coasters
    132. Make a Doggy “Passport”
    133. Dog Breeds Ideal for Your 9–5 Work Schedule
    134. What to Do If Your Puppy Is Jumping and Biting
    135. Why Does My Dog Yawn after Playing?
    136. Careful! Chocolate Can Be a Killer
    137. A Pet Buddy System
    138. Dinner Party Etiquette
    139. A Dog’s Calendar for the Seasons
    140. Trick: Clean Up Your Toys
    141. Rewarding with Treats
    142. Managing Dog Diabetes
    143. Safely Confronting an Aggressive Dog
    144. Coping with the Loss of Your Dog
    145. Barks in Different Languages
    146. Trick: Flip for a Treat
    147. Tidy Up! Training Tip
    148. Human Holidays, Doggy Disasters: Fireworks
    149. Pool Safety
    150. Dog Tails: Edward the Ultimate Retriever
    151. Your Dog Is Not Human
    152. Stop for Traffic
    153. When Is Your Daily Walk Too Long?
    154. Human Holidays, Doggy Disasters: Candy Overdose
    155. Tether Safety
    156. Volunteer Opportunities to Help Dogs
    157. Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?
    158. Posture-Perfect Feeder
    159. Creating Your Own Dog Run
    160. Human Holidays, Doggy Disasters: Costumes!
    161. Stopping the Front Door Dash
    162. Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?
    163. Home Alone for the Night
    164. Being a Good Neighbor
    165. Exercise and Your New Dog
    166. Holiday Overeating
    167. Sanitize Dog “Disposal” Containers
    168. Gifting a Dog—Not Always a Joy
    169. Bringing Home a New (Human) Baby
    170. How to Stop Counter Grazers
    171. Boat Safety for Dogs
    172. Human Holidays, Doggy Disasters: Christmas
    173. Recycling and Dog Products
    174. A Travel-Ready Backseat
    175. Introducing a Second Dog into the Family
    176. People Food for Dogs
    177. Summertime Tips
    178. Investing in Pet Insurance
    179. Create a Doggy Drop Spot
    180. Journal Prompts, Part 4
    181. Adopting an Older Dog
    182. What’s Your Dog’s Training Type?
    183. What to Expect from a Doggy Daycare
    184. When is Vomiting a Cause for Concern?
    185. Dogs and Construction: When You Are Remodeling
    186. Travel Tips: What to Pack for Your Dog
    187. What to Expect on Puppy’s First Night Home
    188. Plan a Safe Beach Outing
    189. “Can I Pet the Puppy?”—Meet-and-Greet with Strangers
    190. Reduce Shedding
    191. Feng Shui for Dogs
    192. Get a Social Life
    193. Make Your Own Doggy Deodorant Powder
    194. Trick: Bow Down
    195. How Does Your Dog Measure Up?
    196. Caring for Your Pet When You Are Ill
    197. Opt for Natural Cleaners
    198. Divorce and Our Dogs
    199. Canine “Sense-abilities”
    200. When to Hire an In-Home Trainer
    201. Why Do Dogs Pounce on Toys?
    202. Achoo! Are You Allergic to Your Pup?
    203. Is Your Community Dog-Friendly?
    204. Pet Travel Documents
    205. Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?
    206. Curbing Coprophagia
    207. Learning to Swim
    208. Basic Grooming: Brushing
    209. Creating Your Dog’s Mudroom
    210. Dog Tails: Raiding the Fridge
    211. Teaching Children about Strange Dogs
    212. No More Drinking from the Toilet
    213. Playing Flyball
    214. Grooming a Squirming Pooch
    215. If You Hire a Housekeeper
    216. Dog Tails: A Dog’s Trick-or-Treat
    217. That Familiar Awkward Situation . . .
    218. Troubleshooting Leash-Pulling Problems
    219. Dog Park Etiquette
    220. Your Dog’s Vital Stats
    221. Make a Home Grooming Tool Pouch
    222. How to Throw a Dog Party
    223. Preventing Escape from Fenced Yards
    224. How to Let Your Dog Go Off-Leash
    225. A DIY Designer Collar
    226. Choosing a Professional Groomer
    227. If Disaster Strikes–Will You and Your Dog Be Ready?
    228. How to Get Your Dog to Sit Pretty for the Camera
    229. Choosing the Right Outdoor Shelter for Your Dog
    230. Sweetening Bad Breath
    231. Agility Training
    232. Preventing Doggy Dandruff
    233. Odor Controller: Natural Air Freshener
    234. Preparing Your Home for an Aging Dog
    235. Suddenly Scared: Adolescent Insecurity
    236. Stop a Mouthing Puppy
    237. Places to Look When Your Dog Is Hiding
    238. Treating Carsickness
    239. Cleaning Up Garage Dangers
    240. Dog Tails: Tank, the Protective Parent
    241. Small Dog Syndrome
    242. Is Your Puppy Ready for “Big Dog” Food?
    243. Build Your Own Wooden Dog Toy Storage Box
    244. Stock an At-Home Grooming Kit
    245. Top Ten Indoor and Outdoor Hygiene Tips
    246. Air Travel with Your Pooch
    247. To My Dog I Pledge . . .
    248. Dog Tails: Bread-Loving Basset Hound
    249. Creating a Freestanding Shade Canopy for Your Dog Run
    250. How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears
    251. Making a New-Dog Welcome Basket
    252. You’re in Love–Is Your Dog?
    253. When Your Puppy Hits Adolescence: What You Need to Know
    254. Microchipping: High-Tech Identification
    255. Safety Tips for Night Walking
    256. Mix Your Own Natural Bug Repellent
    257. What I Have Learned from My Dog
    258. Dog Tails: The Cost of Dog Ownership
    259. Doggy Fashion: Coats and Sweaters
    260. Enticing a Finicky Eater
    261. Hiking with Your Dog
    262. The Dog Days of Summer
    263. Create a Pet Portrait
    264. Dog Tails: The Singing Dog
    265. What Kind of Sleeper Is Your Dog?
    266. Why Buy Premium Pet Food?
    267. Friendly Tug-of-War
    268. Homemade Flea Collars
    269. Fixing Scratches on Your Wood Furniture
    270. Meet Mayzie
    271. Reading a Dog Food Label
    272. Starting Training on the Right Foot
    273. Does My Dog Really Need Boots?
    274. Homemade Flea Wipes
    275. How to Make a Dog Bed
    276. Dog Tails: The Pack Mentality
    277. Toxic Foods
    278. Deafness in Dogs
    279. Doga: Yoga for Dogs
    280. Giving Your Dog a Haircut at Home
    281. Recipe: Sweet Potato (Please Don’t Call it “Pound”) Cake
    282. Winter Workers
    283. Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads Out of Car Windows?
    284. What to Do If You Find a Stray Dog
    285. Coping with Hip Dysplasia
    286. Emergency Tip: Restraining a Dog for Treating an Injury
    287. Safety at Home: Practice a Fire Drill
    288. Common Dog Phrases and English Translation
    289. Apartment Living with a Dog
    290. How to (Neatly) Collect a Stool Sample
    291. Companion Dogs
    292. Dog Acupuncture
    293. If Your Dog is Lost
    294. Dog Tails: Tomato Vine Bandits
    295. Is Your Dog Ready for the Office?
    296. Training: Coming and Going
    297. Construct Your Own Jingle Toy
    298. The Benefits of Dog Massage
    299. Recipe: Walnut-Carob Bonbons
    300. Does Your Dog Have a Godparent?
    301. Is Your Dog Dreaming?
    302. Just Say “No”
    303. Common Behavior Problems and Solutions
    304. Winter Weather Caution
    305. Hiring a Dog Walker
    306. Dog Blogging
    307. Ideal Farm Dogs
    308. Clicker Training
    309. Collar Wisdom
    310. Recipe: Doggy Smoothie
    311. Installing a Safe Doggy Door
    312. Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday
    313. Top Dogs: The American Kennel Club
  8. Index
  9. Resources
  10. About the Authors
  11. About the Photographer
  12. Copyright Page

Product information

  • Title: Dog Lover's Daily Companion
  • Author(s): Wendy Nan Rees, Kristen Hampshire, Kendra Luck
  • Release date: August 2009
  • Publisher(s): Quarry Books
  • ISBN: 9781616734718