Climb the Great Wall

At nearly 4,000 miles long, the Great Wall is the longest manmade structure in the world. It has a long history, too — the Chinese began building walls on their borders more than 2,000 years ago. In some sections, you can take a gondola, ride a “toboggan,” or even zip-line down from the Great Wall!

The wall is about 45 miles due north of Beijing. For busy businesspeople like you, hiring a private car or minivan and heading out to the Great Wall on your own may make good sense. Ask your local Chinese contacts or your travel agent back home to help you make the necessary arrangements.

The vendors who hang out at the Great Wall can be annoying, and they don’t have a very good reputation. They’ve been known for keeping the change, even when you ask them for it! Just try to avoid them if you can.

Some sections of the Great Wall can be dangerous, so be careful when you’re scrambling about the steep inclines. Bring a good pair of comfortable shoes to wear (and an extra layer of clothing from fall through spring). The last thing you need is a visit to a hospital before finding yourself in a first-class seat going home, with your propped-up broken leg as your souvenir! You wouldn’t be the first person — or the last — to go home that way.

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