Chapter 5. Starting Up in India

In This Chapter

  • Figuring out investment options

  • Deciding on a location

  • Getting familiar with the entry vehicles

  • Setting your plan in motion

The inviting aroma from the sumptuous Indian economic banquet is attracting a variety of hungry international business diners. The question, just like when you’re faced with an extensive spread of any sort, is how and where to begin.

The blueprint for industry in India was first drawn up in the Industrial Policy Resolution way back in 1956—less than a decade after independence from British control. Incredibly enough, this doctrine remained almost entirely untouched for 35 years, giving a fascinating snapshot of how much the Indian economy was protected. The long overdue change in approach came in 1991 with the Statement of Industrial Policy. The procedures and approvals for investment and doing business in India have been simplified, and the Indian government says this progress is ongoing and proactive. Chapter 2 explores the most notable reforms.

As you chart your course for doing business in India, here are three key questions to ask yourself:

What type of investment works best for me and my business?
Where’s the best location for my business office?
What’s the most viable entry vehicle or start-up mode for my business?

This chapter helps you explore your choices and answer these questions about the business ...

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