Building Your Manufacturing Presence

The process of going from raw material to finished goods is challenging anywhere in the world, but it’s particularly tough in India. Intricacies of the system, from seeking multiple approvals, to enforcing safety norms, to handling changing labor laws, are areas worth discussing and spending time on. This section helps get you started.

Breaking (and covering) ground

Before you can set up your factory in India, you must follow certain procedures and fill out paperwork. The authorities have simplified the process as much as possible, and it all takes much less effort now.

During the process of building a manufacturing facility in India, you need to take many steps while your facility is being built:

  1. Get the drawing plan for your building approved by the Metropolitan Development Authority of the city you’re in.

    One place to start at is the Web site of the Ministry of Urban Development. Check out

  2. Get approval for construction.

    The legwork for this step and Step 1 should be done by you or your Indian representative.

  3. After you begin the foundation, keep the Municipal Corporation informed.

    They send out a chief engineer to inspect the plinth (base) area.

  4. After the building is complete, apply for a completion certificate.

    You get another visit from the Municipal Corporation at this stage.

  5. Secure an okay from the fire department, occupancy permit, and water, sewage, power, and telephone connections.

    All these areas must be ...

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