Domino System Administration

Book description

Need a concise, practical explanation about the new features of Domino, and how to make some of the advanced stuff really work? You need answers and solutions from someone who's been in the trenches. You want information from someone like you, who has worked with the product for years, and understands what it is you need to know. Domino System Administration from New Riders is the answer-the first book on Domino that attacks the technology at the professional level, with practical, hands-on assistance to get Domino 5 running in your organization.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. About the Technical Reviewers
  4. In Memoriam
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Tell Us What You Think!
  7. Introduction
  8. Getting Ready for R5 and Installation
    1. Features of Lotus Domino 5.0
      1. Lotus Notes and Domino Features
      2. Notes Applications
      3. Release 5 Products
    2. Planning an Installation
      1. The Domino Rollout Process
      2. Fitting Domino into Your Existing Infrastructure
      3. Establishing Domino's Internal Infrastructure
    3. First Server Installation and Setup
      1. Installing the Server Software
      2. Configuring the First Domino Server
      3. First Server Configuration
      4. Setting Up the First User
      5. The Domino Administrator Interface
      6. Finishing First Server Configuration
    4. Additional Server Setup
      1. Setting Up Additional Servers
      2. Setting Up Modem Communications
      3. Setting Up Replication
      4. Setting Up Mail Routing
      5. Setting Up the Administration Process
      6. Setting Up the Agent Manager
      7. Setting Up Transaction Logging
      8. Special-Purpose Servers
    5. User Registration and Client Setup
      1. Creating User Setup Profiles
      2. Setting Up the Default Execution Control List
      3. OU Certifiers
      4. Alternate Names and Languages
      5. Basic User Registration
      6. Adding Recovery Information to Certifier IDs
      7. Basic Client Installation and Setup
      8. Other User Setup Issues
    6. Advanced User Setup
      1. Advanced User Registration Techniques
      2. Setting Up Users with Special Needs
      3. Setting Up a Workstation for Shared Use
  9. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    1. Upgrading from Domino 4.x to Domino 5.0
      1. Planning and Preparing for the Upgrade
      2. Installing R5 Software over R4
      3. Upgrading Databases, Directories, and Search, Security, and Monitoring Tools
    2. Mail Routing Setup and Maintenance
      1. Planning for Mail Routing
      2. Understanding How Mail Routing Works in Domino
      3. Setting Up Mail Routing
      4. Calendaring and Scheduling Setup
      5. Shared Mail Setup and Maintenance
      6. Fine Tuning Mail Routing with Configuration Documents
      7. Monitoring and Troubleshooting Mail
    3. Replication
      1. Understanding Replication
      2. Replication Topologies
      3. Replication and the Database ACL
      4. Replication Scheduling Issues
      5. Selective Replication
      6. Replication and Save Conflicts
      7. Creating New Replicas
      8. Deleted Documents, Deletion Stubs, and Purging
      9. Monitoring Replication
    4. Security
      1. Authentication
      2. Server Security
      3. Database Security
      4. Workstation Security
      5. SSL Security in Domino and Notes
    5. Domino Directory Services
      1. The Domino Directory
      2. LDAP Directory Services
      3. Multiple Directories
      4. The Directory Catalog
      5. Directory Assistance
      6. Directory Servers
    6. User Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      1. Renaming Users
      2. Moving Users
      3. Troubleshooting
    7. Client Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      1. Introduction
      2. Into the GUI
      3. How to Edit the Welcome Page
      4. Controlling the Welcome Screen
      5. Replacing the Welcome Screen
      6. User Preferences
      7. Dynamic User Setup Profiles
      8. Changes in the Mail Service
      9. Additional Utilities Available on the Notes CD: Notes Minder
      10. Additional Utilities Available on the Notes CD: Actioneer
      11. HC Subscriptions
      12. Managing Notes System Files
    8. Database Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      1. Rolling Out an Application
      2. Managing Databases from the Administrator Files Tab
      3. Using Database Tools
      4. Directory and Database Links
      5. Monitoring and Analyzing Database Activity
      6. Transaction Logging
      7. Maintaining Database Indexes
      8. Administering the Database Catalog
      9. Domain Search
      10. Database Libraries
      11. Managing the Database Cache
    9. Web Server Setup, Maintenance, Tuning, and Troubleshooting
      1. What's New in the Domino R5 HTTP Server?
      2. Domino HTTP Stack Overview
      3. HTTP Setup
      4. Tuning
      5. Troubleshooting
    10. POP3 Mail Service
      1. POP Mail and Domino
      2. POP Mail Versus IMAP Mail
      3. Setting Up POP Mail on Domino Servers
      4. Tuning the POP3 Service
      5. Monitoring the Quality of POP3 Service
    11. IMAP Mail Service
      1. IMAP Mail Versus POP Mail
      2. IMAP Mail and Domino
      3. Setting Up IMAP Mail on Domino Servers
      4. Tuning the IMAP Service
      5. Monitoring the Quality of IMAP Service
  10. Server Optimization
    1. Server Monitoring
      1. Why System Monitoring Matters
      2. Windows NT Monitoring Tools
      3. Domino Monitoring Tools
      4. Monitoring Domino from the Administration Client
    2. Performance Tuning
      1. Components
      2. Hardware
      3. Operating Systems
      4. Notes/Domino Software
      5. Additional Third-Party Resources
      6. Network Performance
    3. Enhancing Data Availability
      1. Domino Server Clusters
      2. Domino Server Partitions
      3. Billing and Auditing Services
      4. New R5 Advanced Services
  11. Index

Product information

  • Title: Domino System Administration
  • Author(s): Rob Kirkland
  • Release date: November 1999
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 1562059483