Domino Web Access 6.5 on Linux

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IBM Lotus Domino Web Access 6.5 (IBM Lotus iNotes Web Access) is a sophisticated Web client that gives end users many of the messaging and collaboration features previously available only with a Lotus Notes client.

Beginning with Domino 6.5, you can access Lotus Domino on a Linux server while using Domino Web Access on a Linux desktop, giving you a leading-edge, end-to-end collaborative solution for Linux. Browser users will be able to take full advantage of Domino services through an ultra-intuitive, easy-to-use interface, both online and offline, seamlessly. Domino Web Access was architected using the latest Web application development technologies and can be administered centrally, helping organizations to drive down deployment costs and, potentially, reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

This IBM Redbooks publication provides a detailed technical overview of Domino Web Access 6.5 and discusses how to install, configure, and deploy an end-to-end Linux solution for Domino. In addition to setting up DWA 6.5, it also covers how to integrate Lotus Sametime for real-time collaboration and awareness. Finally, we discuss key deployment considerations, integration points between Domino Web Access and IBM WebSphere Portal, and some approaches and techniques to customizing Domino Web Access 6.5.

Please note that the additional material referenced in the text is not available from IBM.

Table of contents

  1. Notices
    1. Trademarks
  2. Preface
    1. The team that wrote this redbook
    2. Become a published author
    3. Comments welcome
  3. Part 1: Introduction to Domino Web Access 6.5
    1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Domino Web Access 6.5 on Linux
      1. Overview of Domino Web Access 6.5
      2. Why Domino Web Access 6.5?
        1. Positioning of Domino Web Access as a messaging client
      3. Overview of Domino Web Access architecture
        1. Domino Web Access as a client application
        2. Domino Web Access as a server application
        3. Domino Web Access as an offline application
      4. Why Linux?
        1. Domino Web Access 6.5 on Linux: a compelling solution
      5. The structure of this book
    2. Chapter 2: New features of Domino Web Access 6.5
      1. Domino Web Access 6.5: true Web-based application fidelity
      2. Overview of new features
        1. General enhancements
        2. Linux platform support
        3. Mail enhancements
        4. Calendar and To Do enhancements
        5. Print enhancements
        6. Usability enhancements
        7. New administrative features
        8. Template customization
        9. Server-side enhancements
      3. Detailed feature comparison
      4. Understanding user profiles
        1. Tier 1: deskless workforce (line employees, shop floor)
        2. Tier 2: office workforce (advanced users, team leader, staff)
        3. Tier 3: knowledge workforce (power users, senior managers)
        4. Messaging solutions targeted to every kind of user
        5. IBM Lotus messaging solution choice based on needs
      5. Strategic impact of the product decision
        1. Lotus Domino platform
        2. The WebSphere platform
        3. Domino and J2EE
        4. Leveraging your investment in Domino
  4. Part 2: Deployment and administration
    1. Chapter 3: Deployment considerations
      1. Deployment goals
        1. High availability
        2. Reverse proxy
        3. Reverse proxy with ICM
        4. SSL accelerators
        5. Integration within a portal environment
        6. LDAP environments
        7. Network demands
    2. Chapter 4: Installing Linux
      1. Before you begin
        1. Making the CD-ROM/DVD drive bootable
        2. RAID configuration
        3. Partitions
        4. Time configuration
        5. Video card and monitor
        6. File systems in Linux
        7. Different Linux distributions
      2. Installing Red Hat 2.1AS
      3. Installing UnitedLinux 1.0, SLES 8
    3. Chapter 5: Installation and setup of Domino Web Access 6.5 on Linux
      1. Preconfiguring your Linux server: the easy way
        1. Install UnitedLinux (SLES 8) Extension Pack for Lotus Domino
        2. Edit UnitedLinux (SLES 8) Extension Pack for Lotus Domino
      2. Before you begin: pre-installation tasks
      3. Domino 6.5 server install
        1. Installation
        2. Starting the Domino server installation
        3. Configure and set up the Domino server
        4. Set up the Domino server
        5. Starting the Domino server
    4. Chapter 6: Security and administration
      1. Linux security
        1. System security
      2. Linux administration
        1. Scripting
        2. Remote administration
      3. Domino security
        1. Domino 6.5 server document
        2. Database ACLs
        3. Notes.ini settings for Domino administration
      4. Domino Web Access 6.5 security
        1. Encrypted mail support
        2. Secure logout
        3. Additional security considerations
      5. Domino 6.5 administration
        1. Domino Web Administrator
        2. Server tab
        3. Domino Java Console
      6. Converting mail files to Domino Web Access 6.5
    5. Chapter 7: Configuration and tuning
      1. Configuring Linux tunable parameters for DWA 6.5
        1. Modifying file descriptor and thread limits
      2. Domino Web Access configuration and tuning
        1. Domino HTTP configuration
        2. GZIP network compression
        3. Other Domino Web Access configuration settings
        4. Additional notes.ini parameters for Domino Web Access
      3. Performance comparison: Linux and Windows
        1. Specifications of test machines
        2. Overview of results
  5. Part 3: Clients for Domino Web Access
    1. Chapter 8: Linux Clients for DWA 6.5
      1. Mozilla
        1. Mozilla installation steps
      2. Offline usage and Domino Offline Services for Linux
        1. Overview of DOLS
        2. Functionality
      3. DOLS Setup on a Linux server
        1. Configure DOLS during Domino Server setup
        2. Configure DOLS manually
        3. DOLS Administration
        4. DOLS in a clustered environment
        5. Using Web Site documents
        6. DOLS, agents, and subscription considerations
        7. Server configuration
      4. Installing and configuring the DOLS client
        1. Overview of supported Linux distributions and DOLS
        2. Deployment and installation of the DOLS client
        3. Local requirements: checklist for installing DOLS plug-in
        4. Working offline
        5. Preferences for Offline Users
      5. Uninstalling DWA 6.5 Offline Services
        1. Mobile or condensed Directory Catalog
      6. Troubleshooting DWA 6.5 Offline Services
        1. Common error messages with the plug-in
        2. Linux directory structure and installed files
        3. Case of the missing icons for DOLS
        4. Mozilla does not start after launching DOLS
        5. Troubleshooting DOLS from the dol.log and the command line
        6. Using the browser for troubleshooting offline configuration
  6. Part 4: Customization and integration
    1. Chapter 9: Integrating Sametime with Domino Web Access 6.5
      1. Configuration of the DWA and Sametime servers
        1. Connection documents
        2. Modify person documents
        3. Configuring authentication
      2. Configuration of the Mozilla browser
        1. Modify preferences in Mozilla
      3. Using chat within Domino Web Access
        1. Productivity enhancements through presence awareness
      4. Notes.ini parameters for Sametime integration
    2. Chapter 10: WebSphere Portal integration
      1. Relevant portlets
        1. Domino Web Access and iNotes portlets
        2. iNotes portlet from WebSphere Portal 4.2.1
        3. Domino Web Access portlet from WebSphere Portal 5.0
      2. Conclusion
    3. Chapter 11: Customizing Domino Web Access
      1. Customization considerations
      2. Template architecture
        1. Additional design elements within inotes6.ntf
        2. The forms6.nsf database
      3. Inheriting from another mail template
      4. Customizing the forms6.nsf
        1. General process for customization
        2. Adding functionality to the user interface
        3. Customizing the Welcome page
        4. Customizing the banner logo
        5. Modifying the banner with a custom logo
        6. Customizing styles
        7. Obfuscated JavaScript code
      5. Using Redirect to customize the login screen
        1. Setting up Domino Web Access redirector database
        2. Using Domino Web Access Redirect
      6. Customizing the server side
        1. Redirecting users to a Web page after logout
        2. NOTES.INI settings for Domino Web Access
  7. Part 5: Appendixes
    1. Appendix A: WebSphere Portal 5 installation on Linux
      1. LDAP directory considerations
      2. Configure WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal Server for LDAP usage
      3. Planning considerations for LDAP use with WebSphere Portal Server
      4. Install WebSphere Portal Server
      5. Before installation
      6. Installing LDAP for integration with Domino
      7. Required groups and users
      8. Portal administrator users
      9. Example of a Domino Directory server structure
      10. Specifying Server configuration settings for LDAP
      11. Adding portal administrators to the Domino Directory
      12. Updating the Access Control List of the Domino Directory
      13. Configuring WebSphere Portal for Domino Directory
      14. Security is enabled
      15. Verifying LDAP
      16. WebSphere Portal Server hardware requirements for Linux Intel systems
    2. Appendix B: Configuring Internet Cluster Manager
      1. Internet Cluster Manager
      2. Configuring the ICM
      3. Setting up a separate IP address for the ICM
    3. Appendix C: Additional material
      1. Locating the Web material
      2. Using the Web material
      3. How to use the Web material
  8. Related publications
    1. IBM Redbooks
    2. Online resources
    3. How to get IBM Redbooks
    4. Help from IBM
  9. Index
  10. Back cover

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  • Release date: April 2004
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