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Leading change just got a whole lot easier.

Think you need awe-inspiring visions, complicated plans, and fist-pounding speeches to inspire change? Think again.  

A rising tide of real leaders ranging from banking executives and heads of multinational manufacturers to hospital administrators and small business owners have discovered a surprisingly simple way to deliver steady results in spite of unrelenting change. Brimming with compelling stories and grounded in research, Domino: The Simplest Way to Inspire Change reveals two approaches to leading change: Change by Addition and Change by Decision. Disturbingly, Change by Addition is far less effective, but is used far more often. Until now. Luckily, Change by Decision is not only more effective it also requires less time and fewer resources—allowing ordinary managers to take their teams in exciting new directions.

  • Understand how to free yourself and your team from the shackles of change by addition.
  • Explore stories of real leaders in a multitude of industries to see how the Domino techniques apply in any situation
  • Examine the leadership skills that inspire smart strategies and adaptive teams
  • Execute plans quicker and easier by mastering the art of effective change leadership

Domino: The Simplest Way to Inspire Change is a radically simple book that highlights a new approach for executing change and inspiring agility in the workplace.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction: What's Eating Glen Peterson?
    1. The Leader With a Thousand Faces
    2. Sharp Turns and Wide Curves
  5. Part One: Drive Change
    1. Section 1: Use Your Blinkers
      1. Chapter 1: Sandy's Rule
        1. Attention + Direction = Change
      2. Chapter 2: Why the Principal Killed the Football Team
      3. Chapter 3: Drivers and Passengers
      4. Chapter 4: The Permission Ceremony, Part 1: The Drama
        1. Issue Number One: One Department, Many Teams
        2. Issue Number Two: “It's Taking Things off Our Plate That's Our Problem”
    2. Section 2: Check Your Mirrors
      1. Chapter 5: The Permission Ceremony, Part 2: The Conflict
      2. Chapter 6: Who's That Behind You?
      3. Chapter 7: How to Be a Stalker
  6. Part Two: Adapt to Change
    1. Section 1: Anticipate
      1. Chapter 8: Seriously, Who Keeps Moving My Cheese?!?
      2. Chapter 9: Pivots and Power Strokes
      3. Chapter 10: Start with Why 13½ Percent
      4. Chapter 11: The Cure for Hyperopia
    2. Section 2: Decide
      1. Chapter 12: The Revolution That Was Televised
      2. Chapter 13: The Pulse, the Anti-You, and the Mindset
      3. Chapter 14: Why Drivers Need Navigators
      4. Chapter 15: To Lead Is to Decide
    3. Section 3: Align
      1. Chapter 16: Rosa Parks and the Science of Revolution
        1. The Mobile Middle and the Edgy Elites
      2. Chapter 17: How to Break a Bottleneck
        1. Clarify What You'Ve Decided is the Best Option
        2. Clarify the Presentation of Your Recommendation
        3. Clarify the Deadline For the Needed Decision
      3. Chapter 18: Mobilize the Middle
        1. The Not-So-Magic 90-Day Window
        2. Lucky Number 3
      4. Chapter 19: Don't Forget the Waitlist!
    4. Section 4: Permit
      1. Chapter 20: The Hardest Permission to Give
      2. Chapter 21: Priori-Time: The Antidote to Urgency
    5. Section 5: Test
      1. Chapter 22: Shift Happens
      2. Chapter 23: Scientific Management 2.0: From Taylorism to Taslerism
  7. Epilogue: When Change Blows
  8. Index
  9. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Domino
  • Author(s): Nick Tasler
  • Release date: October 2015
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119083061