Chapter 6. 12:00 PM Chad Negotiates When Mike Doesn't Have To

12:01: Chad Offers an Olive Branch

After the Steve Moreno meeting, Chad spends 10 minutes in his office going over all the variables in the mess with Phil. He's having a difficult time grappling with why things had revved up and got out of control so quickly. He decides to make a bold move, the type he doesn't usually take. He picks up the phone and dials Phil's number.

"Chad, I told you in my e-mail that I wouldn't have the numbers to you until at least a half an hour from now," Phil answers the phone without even saying hello. He had debated even picking it up when he saw it was Chad.

"I know that, Phil." Chad says. "I want to talk to you about our e-mails this morning."

"Okay, I have something to say about them, too," Phil says. "But you called; you go first."

"Well, I want to say I'm sorry for the tough words and nasty tone in my early e-mail this morning," Chad says. "While I sure needed the numbers, I shouldn't have come on so strong."

Phil is caught off guard. It isn't like Chad to come clean so quickly. Phil wonders if Lynne is behind this bit of surprising contrition. Maybe, he figures; but if so, it would have taken a different form. If Chad was responding to a direct command from Lynne, he would have sent Phil a formal e-mail of apology that could be documented. Chad loves to document his actions.

No, this is Chad doing the right thing. Unusual, Phil thinks; but he isn't going to question it. Phil decides to keep ...

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