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Don't Click on the Blue E!

Book Description

For all those surfers who have slowly grown disenchanted with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, Don't Click on the Blue E! from O'Reilly is here to help. It offers non-technical users a convenient roadmap for switching to a better web browser--Firefox. The only book that covers the switch to Firefox, Don't Click on the Blue E! is a must for anyone who wants to browse faster, more securely, and more efficiently. It takes readers through the process step-by-step, so it's easy to understand. Schools, non-profits, businesses, and individuals can all benefit from this how-to guide. Firefox includes most of the features that browser users are familiar with, along with several new features other browsers don't have, such as a bookmarks toolbar and window tabs that allow users to quickly switch among several web sites. There is also the likelihood of better security with Firefox. All indications say that Firefox is more than just a passing fad. With the USA Today and Forbes Magazine hailing it as superior to Internet Explorer, Firefox is clearly the web browser of the future. In fact, as it stands today, already 22% of the market currently employs Firefox for their browsing purposes. Don't Click on the Blue E! has been written exclusively for this growing audience. With its straightforward approach, it helps people harness this emerging technology so they can enjoy a superior--and safer--browsing experience.

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Preface
    1. Audience for This Book
    2. Organization of This Book
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. We’d Like to Hear from You
    5. Safari Enabled
    6. Acknowledgments
  3. The Problem with the Blue E
    1. Long, Long Ago…in Internet Time
    2. Mosaic
    3. Netscape
    4. Microsoft, IE, and the Browser Wars
      1. Behind the Browser Wars
    5. A Long Shot That Paid Off
      1. Internet Explorer’s Stagnation
      2. No More Free Lunch
    6. IE and Windows: Joined at the Hip
    7. The Blue E: The Achilles Heel of Windows Security
      1. Sneaky, Malicious ActiveX Programs
      2. IE’s Approach to Security
    8. The Red Lizard and Its Children
    9. Where to Learn More
      1. History of the World Wide Web
      2. Vintage Browsers
      3. Netscape
      4. Internet Explorer and the Browser Wars
      5. IE: Stagnation and Control
      6. ActiveX and Microsoft Security
      7. Mozilla
  4. Installing and Configuring Firefox
    1. Installing Firefox
    2. Running Firefox for the First Time
      1. The Import Wizard
      2. Default or Not?
    3. Starting Firefox
    4. Just the Way You Want It: Options
      1. General
        1. Home page
        2. Fonts & Colors
        3. Default browser
      2. Privacy
      3. Web Features
      5. Advanced
        1. Tabbed Browsing
    5. Customize Your Toolbars
    6. Help!
      1. Installation Gotchas
      2. Firefox Won’t Start
      3. A Little Help from Your Friends
    7. Firefox Profiles
      1. Backing Up with MozBackup
    8. Where to Learn More
      1. Companion Sites
      2. Troubleshooting
      3. Profiles
      4. MozBackup
  5. Firefox Features
    1. Getting Started with Firefox
      1. Toolbars
        1. Navigation Toolbar
        2. Bookmarks Toolbar
      2. Menus
        1. The File menu
        2. The View menu
        3. The Tools menu
        4. The Help menu
        5. Contextual (right-click) menus
      3. Printing
    2. Making Life Easier
      1. The Joy of Tabs
      2. No More Pop-Ups!
      3. Auto-complete
    3. Sidebars
      1. Bookmarks Sidebar
      2. History Sidebar
    4. Managers
      1. The Bookmarks Manager
        1. Basic bookmarks
        2. The Bookmarks Toolbar
      2. Download Manager
    5. Where to Learn More
  6. Killer Firefox Add-Ons
    1. Installing Plug-Ins for Multimedia and More
      1. Macromedia Flash and Shockwave
      2. Apple QuickTime
      3. Windows Media Player
      4. Adobe Acrobat Reader
      5. RealPlayer
      6. Java™
      7. Other Plug-Ins
      8. Troubleshooting Plug-Ins
    2. Changing the Look and Feel with Themes
      1. Installing a Theme
      2. A Few of My Favorite Themes
    3. Adding Features to Firefox with Extensions
      1. Better Searching
        1. GoogleBar
        2. GoogleBar with PageRank
        3. Yahoo! Companion
        4. McSearchPreview
      2. More Information
        1. TargetAlert
        2. ForecastFox
      3. Fun
        1. CuteMenus
        2. CardGames
      4. Caveat Emptor
        1. Tabbrowser Extensions
      5. Troubleshooting Extensions
    4. Where to Learn More
      1. Plug-Ins
      2. Themes
      3. Extensions
        1. Collections of extensions
        2. Individuals who have written several extensions
        3. Specific extensions
  7. Advanced Firefox
    1. Searching
      1. Find in This Page and Find As You Type
      2. Smart Keywords
        1. Smart keywords you’ll love
    2. Live Bookmarks
      1. Some Great RSS Feeds
    3. Counteracting Web Annoyances
      1. IE View
      2. FlashBlock
      3. Adblock
      4. NukeAnything
      5. TextZoom
    4. Safety and Security
      1. Hey! You’re on a Secure Page!
      2. Anti-Phishing Measures
      3. Smart Update
      4. No More Killer Scripts
    5. Advanced Configuration
      1. The Secret Options
      2. Tweaking the Firefox Interface
    6. Contribute!
    7. Where to Learn More
      1. Searching
      2. Live Bookmarks
      3. Extensions
        1. Other extensions
      4. Security
      5. Advanced Configuration
  8. Other Web Browsers
    1. Opera
      1. Background
      2. What’s Cool About Opera?
      3. What Needs Work?
    2. Camino
      1. Background
      2. What’s Cool About Camino?
      3. What Needs Work?
    3. Konqueror
      1. Background
      2. What’s Cool About Konqueror?
      3. What Needs Work?
    4. Safari
      1. Background
      2. What’s Cool About Safari?
      3. What Needs Work?
    5. OmniWeb
      1. Background
      2. What’s Cool About OmniWeb?
      3. What Needs Work?
    6. Lynx
      1. Background
      2. What’s Cool About Lynx?
      3. What Needs Work?
    7. Where to Learn More
      1. Camino
      2. Opera
      3. Konqueror
      4. Safari
      5. OmniWeb
      6. Lynx
  9. Firefox Options
    1. General
    2. Privacy
    3. Web Features
    5. Advanced
    6. Where to Learn More
  10. Index