Appendix C

Example Career Plan

INTERESTS: Employed by XYZ Corp. as an expert in learning and organizational development, leadership, coaching, and continuous improvement, with continuing opportunities for client interaction and the publication of written works (authorship).
ADVANCEMENT: Scope of impact and responsibility remains stable or increases respective to the overall growth of XYZ Corp. Opportunities exist for executive positions in the learning and development (L&D) field outside of XYZ Corp.
MONEY: $200K avg. per annum in total compensation with 4 percent company-matched 401(k) contributions; high flexibility in working hours and locations; multiple opportunities to continue personal and professional development that is mutually beneficial to employer and self.
SECURITY: Multiple options exist: remain with a growing and prosperous XYZ Corp.; obtain position in L&D with a mature and stable firm; undertake an entrepreneurial venture in private consultancy; assuming sufficient liquid capital, continue formal education in pursuit of a purely academic teaching career that leverages existing professional accomplishments.
PEOPLE: Continue to enjoy the family-oriented culture of a small firm like that of XYZ Corp.
CHALLENGE: Highly autonomous with considerable requirement for creative thinking and innovative productivity that is critical to the success of the organization.
LOCATION: Reside in current or similar ...

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