Appendix E

Cover Letter Template and Tips

You should create a separate cover letter for each resume you send to a specific employer. Each letter should provide a concise introduction, mention your interests in the particular job, and highlight your relevant experience. Cover letters should not simply rehash your resume. While your resume provides details of your experiences, a cover letter explains why you are valuable to the specific employer. Below is a basic template for a cover letter. Refer to Chapter 8 for guidance on the second paragraph of this template.

Your Name
1234 Address Line Rd.
Smallville, KS 09876
(123) 456-7890
December 27, 2013
Jane M. Boss (employer's name)
Director of Human Resources (employer's title)
ABC Corp. (name of company)
100 Corporate Blvd.
Metroville, KS 65432 (street address)
Dear Ms. Boss,
Introductory Paragraph: Establish how you found out about the position. If you heard of the position through someone that you know who also knows the hiring manager, that is a great place to start. Establishing a common connection is powerful and memorable, giving you an edge. It compels the reader to reach out to that common connection and inquire about you.
Second Paragraph: Place your targeted value proposition here. What skills, talents, and experience could you bring to the position you're applying for? What about the company and industry are you especially excited about? Highlight anything about your experience, career goals, and professional ...

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