Appendix L

LinkedIn Tips

  • Put your LinkedIn address in the signature block of your e-mail. This lets potential employers know that you have a profile and provides them easy access to it. It also helps you build your LinkedIn connections by letting everyone know you have a profile.
  • Use your headline to declare your interest. If you are actively seeking a new career opportunity, state “Seeking New Opportunity” in your headline.
  • Use a professional photo. Post a professional headshot of yourself in interview-quality attire on your profile.
  • Use an unremarkable e-mail address. Utilize a personal e-mail address that uses a combination of your name, initials, and numbers. Your e-mail shouldn't make a statement about your personality or interests. Your address should be like your interview attire—unremarkable.
  • Indicate results that you achieved. Place your well-crafted demonstrations of effectiveness (DOEs) as a stand-alone statement beneath the description of each position you have held in your career in the “Experience” section of your profile. You do not need to have a DOE for every position.
  • Get recommendations. Ask direct superiors for written recommendations to post on your profile so long as they are positive. Keep recommendations to just one or two for each position held.
  • Subscribe to LinkedIn Groups in your industry and profession. Additionally, there are many military vet job-finding groups out there, such as Eagles Executive Transition Assistance Network, Military Leaders in ...

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