Chapter 6

Basic Formatting in Text-Editing Applications

In This Chapter

arrow Using left and right alignment

arrow Centering a paragraph

arrow Creating numbered or bulleted lists

arrow Using italic, bold, and underlined text

arrow Changing font size and style

Text that is all the same font, size, and style can be pretty boring. Because of advances in web design, everyone’s expectations for design are higher. Formatting puts some zing into your content and makes it exciting. Your favorite applications are, most likely, loaded with formatting buttons and icons. You can, of course, continue to use them, but Dragon Professional Individual lets you produce many of the same results with voice commands.

In this chapter, I tell you about voice commands especially for formatting, like “Bold That.” In the Dragon Professional Individual DragonPad (and specific other applications), you can get the job done quickly with formatting commands.

Knowing the Short Formatting Commands

Dragon Professional Individual provides ...

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