Drawing Fashion Accessories

Book Description

Drawing Fashion Accessories is a practical guide to illustrating footwear, millinery, bags and purses, cosmetic products, and jewelry, offering a unique resource for students and professional fashion illustrators alike.

Beginning with a discussion of the media available for drawing fashion accessories and how best to use them, together with a demonstration of various art styles, Miller then moves on to demonstrate the technicalities of drawing different products, including the specific challenges of perspective, how to draw accessories on the body, and how to render a wealth of different materials. In addition to the practice of drawing, a series of illustrated glossaries introduces readers to the technical and style terminology used throughout the accessories industry.

Illustrated with specially created step-by-step sequences, Drawing Fashion Accessories provides students with the knowledge and freedom to develop their own work beyond the basics and to bring style and flair to their illustrations.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1. Using Different Media and Tools
    1. Basics of dry media
    2. Basics of wet media
    3. Papers
    4. Tools
    5. Software
  8. Chapter 2. Footwear
    1. Introduction to drawing footwear
    2. The three-quarter view
    3. The side and top view
    4. Drawing the three-quarter view
    5. Drawing the side view
    6. Drawing the top view
    7. Drawing high boots
    8. Drawing work or hiking boots
    9. Drawing sandals
    10. Drawing platforms
    11. Drawing athletic footwear
    12. Drawing espadrilles
    13. Drawing various views
    14. Rendering buffed leather
    15. Rendering satin
    16. Rendering patent leather
    17. Rendering suede
    18. Rendering woven fabrics
    19. Rendering canvas or tweed
    20. Rendering fur
    21. Rendering beading
    22. Rendering sequins
    23. Rendering lace
    24. Rendering alligator
    25. Rendering snakeskin
    26. Rendering acrylic
    27. Rendering metallic leather
    28. Drawing children’s shoes
    29. Flat drawings for production
    30. Glossary of shoe terminology
    31. Glossary of construction terminology
    32. Glossary of toe shapes
    33. Glossary of heel shapes
    34. Glossary of shoe silhouettes
    35. Glossary of boot silhouettes
  9. Chapter 3. Millinery
    1. Introduction to drawing the hat on the head
    2. Templates for different views of the head
    3. Templates for men’s hats
    4. Rendering fabric textures
    5. Drawing blocked and sewn hats
    6. Rendering feathers
    7. Rendering bows
    8. Rendering ribbons
    9. Rendering novelties, fruit, and flowers
    10. Rendering netting
    11. Glossary of hat terminology
    12. Glossary of hat silhouettes
  10. Chapter 4. Bags, Purses, and Belts
    1. Introduction to drawing handbags
    2. Drawing an evening bag
    3. Drawing a straw bag
    4. Drawing a quilted bag
    5. Drawing a monogrammed bag
    6. Drawing rhinestone and beaded bags
    7. Drawing a hard-shell bag
    8. Drawing a metallic bag
    9. Rendering tooled and embossed finishes
    10. Drawing wallets and covers
    11. Rendering cloth bags
    12. Rendering other textures
    13. Drawing chain mail
    14. Drawing belts and buckles
    15. Glossary of bag silhouettes
  11. Chapter 5. The Beauty Head and Cosmetics
    1. Introduction to face shapes
    2. Drawing the beauty head
    3. Drawing eyes
    4. Drawing mouths
    5. Drawing noses
    6. Drawing ears
    7. Drawing hair
    8. Drawing profiles
    9. Drawing three-quarter heads
    10. Drawing angled heads
    11. Drawing perfume bottles
    12. Drawing frosted glass and crystal bottles
    13. Drawing cosmetics and cosmetic accessories
  12. Chapter 6. Jewelry
    1. Introduction to cut stone shapes
    2. Drawing cut stones
    3. Drawing colored gemstones
    4. Drawing pearls
    5. Drawing pavé
    6. Drawing rings
    7. Drawing flat gold and silver necklaces
    8. Drawing gold chain necklaces
    9. Drawing earrings
    10. Drawing sunglasses
    11. Drawing watches
    12. Rendering crystal and wood
    13. Glossary of jewelry terminology
  13. Chapter 7. Fashion Figure Drawing
    1. Introduction to basic proportion
    2. Gesturing the female figure
    3. Gesturing the male figure
    4. Drawing shape
    5. Drawing the silhouette
    6. Drawing shadow
    7. Drawing shadow on drapery
    8. Drawing shadow on the figure
    9. Drawing gesture, mass, and form
    10. Drawing hands
    11. Drawing feet
    12. Drawing partial figures
    13. Glossary of womenswear
    14. Glossary of menswear
    15. Glossary of rendering fabric
  14. Further Reading
  15. Index
  16. Picture Credits and Acknowledgments

Product Information

  • Title: Drawing Fashion Accessories
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2012
  • Publisher(s): Laurence King
  • ISBN: 9781856697880