Chapter 7

Seeing and Drawing Lines and Shapes

In This Chapter

arrow Translating complex objects into contour and gesture drawings

arrow Considering the line’s versatility in drawing

arrow Breaking objects into basic shapes and proportions to simplify the process of drawing

arrow Putting your line- and shape-drawing skills to the test with a simple project

To see the world as an artist, you have to give up all your preconceived notions about the way the world is. In other words, you have to look at the objects and people you want to draw as though you’ve never seen them before. Try to describe them using words like round, rectangular, light, and dark rather than their actual names. Because what you already know about your subject can get in the way of your ability to see it on a purely visual level, you need to overcome these mental blocks to seeing before you start drawing. Lucky for you, this chapter is here to help you do just that!

In this chapter, we show you how to make accurate drawings using only lines and your innate ability to see and compare. We walk you through the process of building any object ...

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