Loading a Database

To continue with the tutorial, you need to install the data for the CosmoFarmer store in your new MySQL server. That process requires a few steps. First you’ll create a new database; next, you’ll load the data into this new database; finally, you’ll create a new user for the database (a special account that you’ll use to access and update the database). The following steps lead you through everything.

  1. In any Web browser, type http://localhost/phpmyadmin on Windows. (On a Mac, type http://localhost/MAMP), and then click the phpMyAdmin button.

    This opens the phpMyAdmin home page. phpMyAdmin is a web-based tool (written in PHP) that lets you easily manage MySQL databases.


    If you’re using WAMP, you’ll find a menu in the right side of your Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen. From this menu you can select phpMyAdmin to open a Web browser to start using phpMyAdmin. This menu also lets you stop and start the servers, as well as providing a quick shortcut to C:\WAMP\www—the local root folder for the web server.

  2. In the “Create new database” box, type cosmofarmer and then press the Create button (see Figure 23-10).

    This step actually creates a new database on the MySQL server. In addition, it takes you to a new page that includes a row of buttons for working with the new database.

    Next, you’ll load a SQL file that creates the required tables, and adds the actual data to the database. →SQL” stands for Structured Query Language, and it’s the language you use to communicate ...

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