Chapter 12

Setting Up Tables

In This Chapter

  • Learning about tables in HTML
  • Setting up a table in Dreamweaver
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Adding a Table to the Page
  • Customizing tables
  • Sorting table contents
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Inserting Table Content
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Adjusting Table Properties
  • Importing tabular data

Tables bring structure to a web page, and they are especially important when displaying data for web applications. Whether it is used to align numbers in a spreadsheet or arrange columns of information on a page, an HTML table brings a bit of order to otherwise free-flowing content. Tables are the preferred method for presenting structured information and, because of the backward capabilities of many e-mail clients, design HTML e-mails.

Dreamweaver’s implementation of tables reflects this trend in web page design. Drag-and-drop table sizing, easy organization of rows and columns, and instant table reformatting all help get the job done in the shortest time possible. Table editing features enable you to select and modify anything in a table—from a single cell to multiple columns. Moreover, using Dreamweaver’s commands, you can sort static table data in a variety of ways or completely reformat it.

Cross-reference: This chapter covers everything you need to know to get started creating HTML tables in Dreamweaver. You can also dynamically add data to tables from an external data source using server-side processing. Using dynamic data is covered in Chapter 19.

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