Chapter 14

Creating Lists

In This Chapter

  • Bulleting your points
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Adding Unordered Lists
  • Using a numbered list
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Inserting Ordered Lists
  • Applying CSS to lists
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Applying Definition Lists
  • Building a glossary
  • Inserting menu and directory lists

Lists serve several different functions in all publications, including web pages. A bulleted list can itemize a topic’s points or catalog the properties of an object. A numbered list is helpful for giving step-by-step instructions. From a page designer’s point of view, a list can break up the page and simultaneously draw the viewer’s eye to key details.

Lists are an important alternative to the basic textual tools of paragraphs and headings. In this chapter, you study Dreamweaver’s tools for designing and working with each of the three basic types of lists available in HTML:

  • Unordered lists
  • Ordered lists
  • Definition lists

The various list types can also be combined to create outlines. Dreamweaver supplies a straightforward method for building these nested lists.

Creating Unordered (Bulleted) Lists

What word processing programs and layout artists refer to as bulleted lists are known in HTML as unordered lists. An unordered list is used when the sequence of the listed items is unimportant, as in a recipe’s list of ingredients. Each unordered list item is set off by a leading character, and the remainder of the line is indented. By default, the leading character is the bullet—a ...

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