Chapter 24

Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and Bridge Integration

In This Chapter

  • Investigating the Photoshop and Dreamweaver workflow
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Keeping Photoshop Smart Objects in Sync
  • Exploring the Fireworks/Dreamweaver connection
  • Using Fireworks from within Dreamweaver
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Optimizing Graphics
  • Working with image placeholders
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Combining Images in Fireworks
  • Sending a graphic to Fireworks
  • Embedding Fireworks code
  • Managing files with Bridge

Adobe has a wide array of market-leading tools under its roof, and several are of special interest to web designers: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks in graphics and Dreamweaver in web authoring. Web designers, especially those new to the field, often pair Photoshop and Dreamweaver in their workflow. In a recent release of both products, as part of the Creative Suite bundle, their integration was further tightened. Now, you can modify a source file in Photoshop for an image placed into a Dreamweaver page—and then update it in Dreamweaver with a single click. In this chapter, you learn the various ways that you can effortlessly tie Photoshop and Dreamweaver together.

Websites—particularly the images—are constantly being tweaked and modified. This fact of web life explains why Fireworks, Adobe’s premier web graphics tool, is popular among many web designers. One of Fireworks’ main claims to fame is that everything is editable all the time. If that were all that Fireworks did, the program would ...

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