What’s in a name? In the case of Adobe’s Dreamweaver, you find one of the most appropriate product names around. Web page design is a blend of art and craft; whether you’re a deadline-driven professional or a vision-filled amateur, Dreamweaver provides an intuitive way to make your web visions a reality and excels at producing multifaceted web pages that bring content locked in a data store to the surface.

What’s New in Dreamweaver CS6

To slightly stretch a metaphor, today’s web design ball is clearly in the HTML and CSS court. And how has the Dreamweaver team reacted? With Dreamweaver CS6, they’ve taken the ball and run with it! The surge of mobile computing—complete with the increasing ubiquity of web-enabled phones and tablets—has placed a new, profound emphasis on the latest versions of core web technologies, HTML5 and CSS3, and supplanted the dominance of plugin-driven content for advanced features. Dreamweaver CS6 offers enhanced support for the foundation languages, new tools to build upon the foundation, and new workflows to take advantage of the updated toolset.

Modern CSS styling

The ever-quickening browser updates have brought a bounty of advanced CSS support. Now, web designers have an embarrassment of riches for their palette: shadows, gradients, rounded corners, web fonts, animated transitions, and much more. Dreamweaver CS6 includes baseline code hinting support for virtually all CSS3 properties, as well as easy-to-use interfaces for key ones, such ...

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