I couldn't wait to hear about the third wave of Junoon—a concept that was just as powerful as I had expected. Great achievers move into Junoon to accomplish seemingly impossible goals. Any person can realize this state by following the theory's fairly simple beliefs. I was excited to be getting the answers to my research while simultaneously witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime event. Some weird, inexplicable phenomena were allowing me to hear about Junoon from two beings who defied the known laws of my favorite subject, physics. And to think that their motivation to reveal this information was due to their love of humanity! They could see what great achievements human beings were capable of delivering. They knew that all of us contained inherent power that, if focused correctly, could solve all the major problems of our world. We have the genetic makeup and ability to evolve into a race that transcends hate, violence, injustice, and cruelty. Our minds and bodies are capable of dreaming and achieving such great accomplishments that with a single thought, humankind unites to change the world. Lost in these thoughts, I made my way back to the library. This time, I was adamant to learn more details about these beings. I knew they wanted to share the concepts of Junoon, but the researcher in me wanted to understand the science of their existence.

This time at 9:30 p.m., the lamp on the middle table flickered. I was sitting on my usual chair at the table, hoping ...

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